This course aims at developing your oral knowledge in French at an intermediate level. Without having to learn the grammar, this course is aimed at those who plan on visiting a French speaking country, who have basic grammar knowledge and want to understand and be understood better. From simple situations, such as requesting information or shopping, you learn to express yourself in an independent way; you discover everyday life idioms and expand your vocabulary. If you’re planning a trip to France, if you’re moving to a French speaking country, if you have some French family or friends: Oral French is for you. This course helps you build up the self-confidence you need to express yourself in key situations.

The course level B2 is considered as an intermediate level and is made for persons who want to develop their oral skills (express an opinion, devop an argumentation). The course is based and both written and video/sound teaching material (press articles, vidéos, movie abstracts, radio…)